HERNIAHernial conditions come in the following forms:

Inguinal – (groin)
Hiatal and diaphragm
Abdominal wall – (umbilical and incisional)
Understanding hernia symptoms (incisional) 

A hernia is basically a defect in the abdominal wall. The defect will allow contents of the abdomen to push through wall and may risk these contents being entrapped in the hernia. The hernia could be present from birth or be the result of a traumatic event, such as lifting or straining, which tears a hole in the abdominal muscle.

Some important points to keep in mind with regard to hernias:

● They do not heal and go away.
● An external truss may make them feel better but will not heal the defect.
● There is always a risk for entrapping the intestine or other vital organs, resulting in a dangerous situation.