Bladder Suspension Surgery

BLADDER SUSPENSIONUrinary incontinence is a common and frequently embarrassing condition suffered by many women in the United States. It is associated with, but not limited to, women who have had vaginal deliveries in childbirth. Common symptoms relating to stress incontinence including the following:

● Loss of urine associated with any of the following: Coughing, lifting, running, pushing, sneezing, intercourse.

● Other associated conditions frequently accompanying urinary stress incontinence include:

Cystocele: A bulging of the bladder into the vaginal area.

Rectocele: A bulging of the wall of the rectum also into the vagina making it difficult for the patient to have bowel movements.

The diagnosis of stress incontinence is best made by your family doctor. Should your family doctor find that your urinary stress incontinence needs a surgical solution, we offer a laparoscopic approach with excellent results. An appointment with one of our surgeons with an office evaluation is usually all that is needed to make the diagnosis to see if you are a candidate for the proposed surgery.