Cancer Surgery

What can be more of concern than the diagnosis of cancer in yourself or a loved one? Our goals in cancer surgery treatment encompass the following:

| Survival | Sensitivity | Empathy | Cosmetic Appearance | Return to Full Functionality |

Our treatment of a patient who has cancer encompasses a fully-integrated, multi-disciplinary approach utilizing techniques with sound, research-backed protocols. Cancer treatment of any type requires knowledge combined with expert surgical ability to offer the best outcome for you or your loved one. Our experience in cancer care includes the following:

| Breast | Thyroid | Skin | Colon and Rectum | Ovarian and Uterine | Stomach and Small Intestine |

Perhaps we can offer you a second opinion that may contribute to the biggest decision of your life. If you would you like a second opinion from us, please contact us by phone or fax, or by e-mail using the inquiry form below:

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