Preoperative Guidance

PREOPERATIVEThe day of your surgery is a very important day in your life, and the Northeast Surgical Group, P.C., medical staff will make every effort to provide you with the guidance necessary to help make it a successful procedure. Your comfort, well being and preparation before your surgery are essential whether you have been scheduled at the hospital for out-patient or in-patient surgery, or at our offices for your procedure.

When surgery at the hospital has been scheduled, Northeast Surgical Group, P.C., works closely with its affiliated hospitals to help you make sure that:

● You have a clear understanding of the procedure to be performed

● You know when and where the procedure is scheduled

● You have a reliable source of transportation to the hospital

● You have a reliable friend/relative that can accompany you on the day of surgery

● You know what you need to do to prepare before you go to the hospital

● You know what you should not do before you go to the hospital

You will be provided a set of pre-operative instructions by Northeast Surgical Group, P.C., that is specific to you, your procedure and any unique or special circumstances or requirements that you have. For example, such guidance includes, among other items, restrictions for varying time periods before the surgery is performed on diet, alcohol, recreational substances, certain other medications and dietary supplements.

Northeast Surgical Group, P.C., will be in contact with your health insurance carrier to verify your benefits, eligibility, second surgical opinion requirement and precertification. Attending physician statements and leave of absence forms will be completed by Northeast Surgical Group, P.C., but our office requires your signed prior authorization before doing so. In some instances, a fee for certain of these services may apply.