Chronic Wound Management

Frequently, the inability to heal a wound is multifactorial in its cause and for some reason or reasons, our body does not mend as well or as quickly as it used to.   Our physicians are certified wound care specialists and participate at the multi-specialty McLaren Macomb Wound Treatment Center – a tertiary referral center for the most difficult of wounds to heal.  Our specialty training in wound management allows us to identify and sort out those factors that might be impairing your body’s ability to properly heal.

Our patients frequently include diabetic patients, paraplegic patients, patients with chronic venous ulcers and those patients that might have various rheumatological conditions that impair the body’s ability to heal.

We utilize state of the art methods ranging from advanced compression dressings to skin grafts and muscle rotation techniques. We employ the combination of leading edge technology with techniques that are proven. Once we achieve healing, we thoroughly provide and explain prevention techniques to avoid the recurrence of similar wounds.

Northeast Surgical Group, P.C. provides wound care services at the McLaren Macomb Wound Treatment Center.